Top 20 Learning Systems for 2020

Okay, this is the continuation of the Top 50 Learning Systems for 2020.  Below are the Top 20 Learning Systems (of those Top 50).  

Before I forget, many readers have inquired about why is Moodle not on my list. Moodle base is open source, and thus from Moodle alone standpoint is not on the list, nor is any open source solution. 

That said, eThink Education is my #1 Moodle Partner for 2020, they will heavily customize Moodle for you, especially Moodle Workplace; I also rank them #1 for Totara Partners.  You can also find them on FindAnLMS too. 

Now onward. 

Tier3 NexGen is often noted in these rankings. For those who are unaware of what is Tier3 aka as my T3 Grid, here is the link for details, etc.

Now onto the rankings. 

As noted in previous:

1. Criteria can be found HERE

2. Unless otherwise noted, all of the systems can be found on

3. NEW – We have added a comparison chat capability in FindAnLMS. Select up to four vendors and compare them!  See the video, then experience it for yourself.   Please note there is no audio on the video.

#20 Brainier

  • UI/UX on the learner side is good, the administration side is very good
  • Solid work in data visualization and analytics
  • Mobile is strong with big wins of the knowledge reinforcement capability, and UI experience within the mobile app
  • Certificate builder is easy to use, and using a wizard for certificates is a nice touch since many folks have challenges when it comes to generating, editing and publishing certificates
  • Has a content marketplace, a mixed track record for Tier 3 NexGen,  Has Tier 1 and Tier 2. 
  • Ranked in the Top 20 for 2019

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